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Исполнитель: Usher
Название песни: At The Time
Текст песни добавил: World_Radio
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Usher - At The Time текст песни, lyrics

Woahhh I 
Probably shouldve let her know .. that 
It wasn?t that serious for me from the jump 
But I wanna hit it in the worst way.. I suppose ooohhhh 

She?. probably woulda let me go.. if 
She ever found out my M.O ? was to hit it and quit it and let it go 
But I still wanna hit it in the worsest way possible 

But I cant let her know till I get me mine (Cant let her go till I get me mine) 
At the time 
I fell in love, man she couldnt be more beautiful 
At the time 
Kissing and hugging what more could I ask for 
But at time 
See I got mine and she got hers then it was over 
In the mean time In between time 
I didn?t wanna let her know that 


[ From: ]

I flipped it on the game (2 times) 
Im puttin it on 

I didn?t know what to do 
Cuz the because the emotional part was through and over with 
Cuz man I hit it in the worsest way possible..ooohhh 
She didn?t wanna let me catch my breath ..No 
She started rubbing the back of my neck 
You made me wanna hit it in the worsest way once again 


Playing hard to get baby you were funny.. funny 
But my heart was feeling a lil something 
See at the time it was true I was soo in love witchu 
Till I got me me mine 
But I couldn?t let you know

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