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Исполнитель: Usher
Название песни: Echo
Текст песни добавил: World_Radio
1158 просмотров с 2011-04-05 19:28:23
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Usher - Echo текст песни, lyrics

Now baby listen to me when i tell you that I ain't a perfect man 
Can't keep listenin 
To the whisperin that's coming from your friends 
I recognise that my past is bad bu lets get past the past when everybody's hating can get desecratin 
But no hesitation no no 
Tell them just get gone 

They can never keep a man 
So they wouldn't understand 
That's why they alone 
Baby let it go 
I'm just lettin you know 
They never see for themselves 
But they always wanna help 
That's why they just echo 

Listen to them haters and liars and what your friends say 
Everything that they speakin They just repeatin 
And they echo echo echo 
They hear them rumors 
And they echo echo 
But they don't know what They been talkin bout 
Say iv been cheatin 
Somebody saw me creepin 
On the weekend 
Oh oh no 
Did my confessions 
Baby a long time ago 
And they echo echo echo 
They hear them rumors 
And they echo echo echo 
Don't listen to them 
Cause they echo 

I don't care 
What they talkin bout 
Baby we can work it out 
No problem 
Anything that you ever wanted 
Who got it 
Everything you ever needed 
I found it 
Don't want it that drama 

[ From: ]

No problem 
I'm a just let it go 

Cause they don't know 
About this here 
I understand that your Girlfriends talk 
But all they do is talk 
As a matter of fact 
I remember back 
When I met 
Tiffany at the mall 
She hollard 
I never called 
Now I know I know 
That's your partner 
But she want me so she 


Your girlfriends lovin 
The way I do what I do 
I met her long ago and 
Shes mad cause now I'm with you 
But there ain't no use in Listenin cause baby 
It ain't the truth 
Tell her she should let 
It go cause they only rumors 
And they Echo Echo oh oh oh 
Don't listen to her 
Echo oh oh oh 
Hey you know it's foolish When they 
Echo echo 
Pretty girl you need to know Shes feedin you all them lies 
And it really no surprise When they 

[CHORUS x2] 

I can hear you echo

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