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Исполнитель: 2nd Season
Название песни: And Now We're Dead
OST к фильму: 100500
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2729 просмотров с 2011-04-12 09:58:04
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2nd Season - And Now We're Dead текст песни, lyrics

Everything you've done 
Makes me realise: 
I'm not ready yet 
To go and roll those fucking dice! 


You've played your part in this game 
You've made it look like the same 
The same part I had played before 
(Last! Time!) 

And now we're standing face-to-face 
And you are trying to amaze 
And you are trying to amaze me with 

With progress that you've made 
But I don't give a fuck! 

I need to find the way 
To save myself from your traps 
I'm not just gonna lay 
And take from you the face-slaps 

"Get Up! Get up and fight!" - 
Screams angry voice in my head 
"You're not just gonna die!" 

Come to me from my back 
Grab the knife and stab me 
In that place where heart beats 
No one's gonna see this 

Then just take a look at 
What you've done to me and 
Take the knife and slice your 
Chest! And now we're FUCKING DEAD!

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