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Исполнитель: Drake
Название песни: Made Man
Альбом: Heartbreak Drake 2K11: The 2nd Semester (2010)
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Drake - Made Man текст песни, lyrics

[Rick Ross] 
Two door Bugatti coupe 
I call it Katy Perry 
Wiz Khalifa papers 
smoking my favourite berry?s 
S65 I call it Rihanna 
It got a red top but it?s white like Madonna 
Made man, you hear what I said 
having a slumber party all my bitches counting bread 
made man, also known as Papi Chulo 
and I?m running straight up in the culo 
my wrist always on frio, call me chilly chill 
super head and super head, and I really will 
Californication, Motivation in my pocket 
got on my blue Dickie, shout out my n-gga Roccett 
still smoking sickie, it aint no other option 
not for made n-ggas and I?m never stopping 
I raised the bar, I set the standards 
my yayo, Usher Raymond, that b-tch just keep on dancing 

dollar bills on top of dollar bills 
thats all I?m throwing, if she wont her momma will 
made n-ggas, talking a lot of skrill 
8 digits a n-gga tryna live 

made man, you hear what I said 
I got a hundred squares 
if you scared, called the feds 
made men, I?m screaming dollar bills 
park the trunk on the Porsche 
there they go, Dollar bills 

Riding round the city, plastic cup of Henny 
find a n-gga like me, truth to be told, I don?t know many 
I say shout my driver Lauren, thats 62 with curtains 
cant see shit, I don?t know where the f-ck I?m at for certain 
when it boils down, I?m just a T.O n-gga 
but bitches tell me that I look just like a creole n-gga 
New Orleans know it?s love, everytime I?m in town 

shout out my n-gga ?Tez, thats my brother my round 
spending tomorrows money, I call it mañana 
off the rack just aint my style, I call it designer 
one of my baddest women ever, I call her Rihanna 
but thats cause her name is Rihanna! 
I?m in the condo just posting watching Miami kill 
I might just walk to the arena and watch it for real 
Ashes to ashes, me, Rozay and Khaled 
smoking bull riders, shit moving slow as a ballad 
tattoo on your ass, it?d be nice if you show me 
I?m buying bitches furs, Mike Tyson, Naomi 
I?ve got the right to do it, it?s only right to do it 
love me some head, and I love a woman that likes to do it 
still love my team, aint no other option 
not for made n-ggas and I?m never stopping 
I?m Damon Wayans, just know that homie don?t play that 
you know we running my n-gga, Young money, Maybach 


[Rick Ross - Verse 3] 
Black panorama, I call it T-Pain 
I got my autotune, that bitch insane 
got my revolver too, I call it Ving Rhames 
you still a baby boy, we doing big things 
street n-ggas, you hear what I said 
I got some bad news, Jabar back in the feds 
facing twenty, he just did a dime 
been out a year, look like he finna ride 
genocide, these people killing time 
throw you in a hole, you must be penalised 
soon as you see success, haters reinvest 
miami gardens drive, half a million nothing less 
raised the bar, I set the standards 
my yayo Mc Hammer, that bitch just keep on dancing 
Michael Jackson, let it moonwalk 
set it on the napkin, let it cool off

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