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Исполнитель: Drake
Название песни: What Up
Альбом: Heartbreak Drake 2K11: The 2nd Semester (2010)
Текст песни добавил: World_Radio
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Drake - What Up текст песни, lyrics

high rollers, whats up 
drinks houston, whats up 
onyx whats up 
you does it baby, you does it baby 
harlem nights whats up 
treasures whats up 
legends whats up 
just love me baby, just love me baby 
to all my houston texas country muffins 
baby let me hit that liquor and that blunt you puffin 
and after that, imma throw that fuckin young money up 
and we can both watch it fall like its bungy jumpinnn 
and im so high, 
next time we gonna smoke all of the ounce you buy, ooo! 
i almost forgot to blow the candles out 

cuz i dont really want to fall asleep and light this house on fire 
good night, i tell my girl to lay down 
i see the bottle is full, im bout to drink it way down 
what up bun my nigga. man you know we stay down 
and im an honorary resident and you can ...... 
im on my way, yeah im on my way 
i never give a fuck about what any nigga say 
the music are slow and the bitches are pretty 
me and pimple bout to do it for the city and this game 
what up? what up? 
ace town in this bitch 

What up? what up? 
me and pimple bout to do it for the city 
what up? what up? 
What up? what up?

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