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Исполнитель: Drake
Название песни: The Usual
Альбом: More Than Enough (2009)
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Drake - The Usual текст песни, lyrics

And I Wouldn't Be Me If I Didn't Get A Little Nasty 

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na (x3) 

How `bout we just move over , And just do it where we at 
How `bout you just lift that skirt up 
Ohh . . . We can be bad 

That place that ain't been touched , I'm feeling on it 
I'll let you sit through, keep spinning on it 
Girl . . . Giddy Up Giddy Up , Take me on a ride to ecstasy 

You don't wanna bump bump then take a nap 
You just wanna bump bump bring right back 
Watch me 
I'ma heat it up , beat it up 

I know you're tired of the usual, usual, usual 
I can give you more than the usual 
Not your regular , Tell you what , Let me touch 

You gon' feel something unusual, unusual, unusual 
I'm not gon' do what the usual, 
Not your regular, Tell you what , Let me touch 
You gon' feel something unusual 

I wanna do the wicked things you never do 
What if we get it while your friends was in the room 
Is that too hot for ya ? 
Don't you feel bad, Let em feel sexy 

We can make a sex room wherever we go 
Take it to the restroom, they ain't gotta know 
No . . Ohh . . 

Watch me heat it up, Beat it up 
Woo .. Hey! 
Do You hear me girl ? 
Watch me heat it up, Beat it up 


That's the run (Check) 
Cinema (Check) 
On the hood (Check) 
Of The Car (Check) 
On the top (Check) 
On the beach 

This that other shit 
You know you ask for it 
I might just save you some money , And getcha passport 
So You can come to me city , I'll take you all over 
And Hit you on the balcony , Just don't fall over 
Send me a picture baby , you know I'd never leak it 

I know you got something recent , For someone decent 
Why you laughing out loud , I'm serious 
Bring your girl if you a little bi-curious 
Please ; Please No Storytelling of others 
I promise you gon' love it 
I would never let you down 
Feel like I might of perfected , All the things that you've expected 
And you gon' know it when you bring your ass around 
Motherfu- Oh! 

Get it all different kind of ways 
All different places 
Look at the many little faces you making 
But can you take it 


Y'all thought I was nasty last year

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