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Исполнитель: Drake
Название песни: It's Been A Pleasure
Альбом: So Far Ahead (2009)
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Drake - It's Been A Pleasure текст песни, lyrics

[Drake - Chorus] 
Emotions in this game run deep, 
so before they say this to me in my sleep, 
I'd like to say it's been a pleasure, 
repping to my last second dude, 
done a lot of shit they never get to do, 
I'd like to say it's been a pleasure, 
Honored to be somebody they mention, 
but before these niggas stop paying attention, 
I just say it's been a pleasure, 
You'll never be somebody they need 
tomorrow ain't guaranteed so tonight we gon' do it like this... 

For the A-Town, tonight I'm gon' let some money go 
For the A-Town 

[Verse 1] 
Uhh, set up the occasion, 
I'm up in the place in, 
if amazing was a young bitch, 
I be going to jail cuz I'm fucking amazing, 
whats up for the taking, 
I'm ready and I'm willing, why the fuck are we waiting, 
yeah, and baby you should bring your best friend, 

then you should persuade her to let me get some sex in, 
don't get offended baby thats just a suggestion, 
really we can do it however (Hey!) you (Hey!) like, 
I'm probably in your hotel tonight, 
whatever floor that me and 40 staying on is smelling riiight, 
yeah, just know we grinding till it's light out, 
show up in your city turn that muthafucker right out, 
yeah, tell me who controls kings, 
I don't follow rules, stupid old things, 
I'm riding through the city in the coupe with those wings, 
my team deserves some muthafucking superbowl rings, 
oh yeah, and I know we gon' get it, 
me and Jeezy bout whatever shawty holla if you wit it, 
even though I want it to this shit don't last forever, 
but better late than never, honestly I'd like to say its been a pleasure..


For the A-Town, tonight I'm gon' let some money go 
For the A-Town

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