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Исполнитель: Wiz Khalifa
Название песни: Glass House
Текст песни добавил: World_Radio
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Wiz Khalifa - Glass House текст песни, lyrics

[Chorus (x2)] 
Don't you wanna risk that ass in this glass house. 
Don't, don't you wanna risk that ass in this glass house. 
Don't you wanna risk that ass in this glass house. 
If you aint suckin or fuckin than get yo ass out. 

Dash digital situation critical 
Hate to make it so blatant baby 
But I aint playing 
Maybe you got me confused 
With one of them other dudes. 
I aint none of them. 
Under they breath mumbling. 
Scared to tell them hoes what it is. 
You put yourself in that position. 
I chill with all that baller fishing 
You fucked around and you caught a shark. 
Cold hard, tell your feelings apart. 
I'm more focused on getting my rims powder-coated. 
One of the dopest, I'm scheduled one 
You just ibuprofen, what is you smoking? 
I'm focused to growing they got you choking 
The options open, you can hide with them suckers 
Or ride low and get higher than a motherfucka! 


Straight stunting, sucker niggas I take from them. 
They bitches that is, get up in the car with wiz 
They know they going to bank something, aint fronten. 
Smoking off the eighth onion 
Get it twisted because you see me on your computer screen 
Thinking because you got wireless you get as high as us 
Bitches leaving they lame niggas to ride with us 
Planes over everything in the fly we trust. 
This bottle smell is obvious 
Than my connect come from cali 
Im good long as the money piling up 
All the while im just quick lane pimping 
Big jane twisting 
Walking how I talk it bitch that's Pittsburgh pimping. 


Yo I was candy coated, bendin corners 
55th really made it 
Killing with the bumper grill 
Chandelier ceiling such plesh linen 
Is you fucking, is you sucking 
I was wondering cuz if not 
Don't be pushing on my buttons in my cutless 
Unless you cutting. Bitch I'm just saying 
I aint tricking is the reason that this porno flick playing 
Trunk shaking knocking pictures off the wall 
Southern made call, 808 mean no draws 
You got friends I fuck them all 
What you mean you aint nasty 
Why the fuck you came 
Just imagine what you got to do to get up in my plane. 
Mississippi pimp mouth piece frigid 
Dolomite out of sight 
Show you right can you feel it shawty 


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