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Исполнитель: Wiz Khalifa
Название песни: Good Life
Текст песни добавил: World_Radio
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Wiz Khalifa - Good Life текст песни, lyrics

Foot on the gas 
I am fast Living, Picture me, I aint have no pot to piss in 
Now I am checking bags, cheifing hash with politicians 
Helicopter feds I am .. to get to know .. 
I don't want to brag but you ain't tried to hear about 
The money drugs and women that I wanna ask 
Smoked so much that I am going brain dead 
Whores are made of me cause my phone .. 

I tell her wow slow down baby... lady 
You drive by I's a couple of paper plans 
Broadcasting my name over internet 
Airways bitches .. on twitter put my music on my space 
If you smoked the role and played this I'm gonna hustle

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