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Исполнитель: Alex Band
Название песни: Show Me The Meaning Of Love
Альбом: Store
Текст песни добавил: Strider
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Alex Band - Show Me The Meaning Of Love текст песни, lyrics

I'd walk a thousand miles to you
 If I had no other way
 And tell you how I feel
 If I could find the words to say

 I'd build you up a temple
 Keep you safe inside
 When everything's upon you
 It will be your place to hide

 And now with you I know
 Sometimes the very thing you run from
 Is that thing you need the most

 You know I'd die for you
 These words I swear are true
 Just when I'd given up
 You showed me the meaning of love
 There's nothing I won't do
 I'd steal all the stars for you
 Just when I'd had enough 
 You showed me the meaning of love
 Of love

 I crossed all seven oceans
 And I fought a hundred wars
 But through the sea of faces
 It was fate that brought me yours

 I built these walls around me
 My heart safe inside
 But your wave crashed upon me
 What was lost you helped me find
 Once bittersweet and lonely
 Now I feel alive


 I've opened my eyes
 Let in your light
 I've run out of time
 You keep me hanging on
 You keep me hanging on


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