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Исполнитель: Pendulum
Название песни: Encoder
Альбом: Immersion(2010)
Текст песни добавил: World_Radio
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Pendulum - Encoder текст песни, lyrics

You couldn't even show yourself out 
You were so held up by your thoughts 
Along the way we got divided 
And I'm left showing you the door 
You couldn't look me in the eyes 
So I'll dim the lights 
When you take me out on your side 
We're standing out of sight 
Believe me 
I'm on your side 

It took so long for me to speak up 
It was the hardest thing to say 
Taken right up to the entrance 
At the last minute turned away 

Just can't look you in the eyes 
So let's dim the lights 
Get a case out 
Pack up your pride 
It's over, we're out of time 
Delete me 
I'm on your side 

For everything that could have been 
At least we took the ride 
There's no relief in bitterness 
Might as well let it die

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