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Исполнитель: Sunrise Avenue
Название песни: Sweet Symphony
Альбом: Out Of Style
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
1521 просмотров с 2011-05-21 00:11:07
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Sunrise Avenue - Sweet Symphony текст песни, lyrics

Whatcha gonna do when they come to you 
And they say you have no one left to look up to 
That can make you feel alone 
Whatcha gonna do when they check you out and they 
say you have nothing left to show, you know? 
It can bring you really low 

You can try to find strength in my arms 

Whatcha gonna do when they smile at you but you know 
They’re all faces out of truth you know 
Don’t trust those eyes at all 
And whatcha gonna do when they kick your ass 
There’s a tiny chance it might break you in half you know 
Then they leave you all alone 

You can come to me and breathe out 

I can give you this sweet symphony 
And I hope it makes you feel fine 
And it’s all that you can get from me 
It will always be by your side 

Whatcha gonna do when the devil finds you alone 
with the doubts about the ones you love 
His heart is as cols as stone 
Whatcha gonna do when the guy above says 
You’ve been too bad and you need to cool down now 
I think you should hear him out 

You can try to find strength in my arms 

You know sometimes I’m feeling lost just like you 
Then I need my own sweet symphony 

Whatcha gonna do when it rains on you when it’s cold in the night and you don’t seem to find a way out of the walls all around you 
Whatcha gonna say when they ask you about your plans and about the dreams you have and whatcha gonna do now

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