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Исполнитель: Limp Bizkit
Название песни: Counterfeit
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
2560 просмотров с 2008-08-20 12:49:44
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Limp Bizkit - Counterfeit текст песни, lyrics

Freakin' me out you wear a mask called 
counterfeit, You're freakin' me out you 
wear a mask 

fake hey man wake up and smell the concrete 
Strange to see you've changed 
Like the LB could be identity crisis but I 
can't buy this 
Reality bites but that's what life is 
pitiful you, 

Your hideous behavior hate what God gave ya, 
Fakin all the flava artificial minds seekin 
out the new trends 
Get in where you fit in 
Quit thinkin like a has-been diggin 
in my culture let me let your punks know I'm 
an old school soldier with the funk flow 
A damn shame you wanna change yourself 

Because you're sick of yourself well I'm 
sick of you too, 
Fake you're a, a counterfeit, fake you know 
we figured you out 
Well I'm sick of you too, 
fake you're a, a counterfeit, fake I wonder, 
I wonder I wonder 
What it's like to be a clone doin' nothin, 
nothin' on my own 
Alone in your misery, you're bitin on my new 
style filed as a counterfeit, 

Going down in history as nothin but a copy 
So if your fakin that you're phat 
You need a ballbat right where your head is at 

All your desperation causes separation 
Now I grab the mic to intimidate your 

Screams from the limp on your siren 
Phonies get the hint quick smacked with funk 
flick pain 
for the fakers fame can't maintain 


All these phonies you disregarded your life 
you disrespected your friends 
You've even stolen your appearance from 
hangin out with my family 
But I should have never dropped my guard 
So you could stab me in the back 
But you were faking me out 
Just faking me out you wear a mask 

Now you're steadily startin to change 
You wanna rearrange 
Your lifestyle with live like the wild child 
with the vibe alive you could lie to try and 
be so fly 
A lie but you deny you're a fake 
You know we figured you're a phony (fake)

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