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Исполнитель: Bad Meets Evil
Название песни: Above The Law
Альбом: Hell The Sequel (2011)
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Bad Meets Evil - Above The Law текст песни, lyrics

[Hook: Claret Jai] 
Sometimes life seems so unfortunate 
That's why I don't give a shit 
The poor stay poor, the rich get richer 
It's just so disproportionate 
You don't know just what I've gone through 
That's why I would rather show you 
Just how far that I can take it 
Every rule, I'm breakin' it 

[Verse 1: Eminem] 
Terrible, but not rippable, invincible, I'm hung invisible 
Fuckin' mistletoe, over the wall to stuck my ass up under it 
Now pucker up them lips and kiss it ho, here we go 
Bad and Evil, so you know how this'll go 
The competition's miserable, we stomp them bitches, this is no, joke 
Goin' overboard, like someone threw us off the boat, choke 
Puff up all the smoke I'm tryna stay on fire 
So you know if I hate fucking water-sprinklers, I don't love the hoes 
Someone let the cat out the bag, now it's time to stuff his face 
Back, then I smother that mothafucka 'til it suffocates 
Who? You! Handlin' the over weight 
Why are they tryin' to be so sick, when bad and evil has reunited, hey? 
Came back to annihilate to the game's in dyer straight in our way 
World is Satan as I drop full to an easy Ouija board 
And I break now I lay me down to sleep 
I do this shit in my sleep, I'm sleepin' now, as if I was awake 
I'm champ bitch, I'll never taste the canvas 
Could never be no damn wuss or pussy, never muschi, so you can't squish 
No where near toosh, in fact if I jump out a bush 
And sneak attack's the only was I say I am bush 
Outlandish are these words and weapons that are brandish 
Stand off, it's the hoes, keep your hands off this 
Can't tie a bitch, so what the fuck would I sugarcoat it for? 

Law, fuck protocol, holla at this ho, but now my throat is sore 


[Verse 2: Royce] 
Baby I'm lawless, you couldn't burn me if you threw acid on me 
I met your homie, I'm at your home ready to spray you 
Why you nappin' homie? Have everything on and around your mattress 
Lookin' like the word infront of a matrimony, you hot, fuck yeah 
Go 'head jump, no matter how high you get 
You gon' come up short like Spud Webb 
My DUI's get waved by saying bye 
Still ridin' with no L's like James Tide, can't change I 
I thank god for my safe thinking 
Last time I was safe thinking, me and my niggas was doin' a bank job 
I stay violent, y'all go to the peace route 
You got a mouth like Kanye, I knock your whole bottom row of teeth out 
No disrespect to Mr. West, shit I'm just nice with mine 
And this just wrap 'em, I'm like Ricky Hatton, I just like the line 
These sweet rappers wanna set us up, they never tough 
They ask me for a hook, I tell 'em left to right, head or gut 
What y'all messin' with is a nigga that'll leave you fubar 
Fucked up beyond all recognition 
Y'all are rock stars, I'm the opposite 
I could just throw a rock and hit a star for the fuck of it 
Partner, you're not hard, I body your hot bars 
Beef has left you prayin' right? Like Allahu Akbar 
Let's go, when I leave y'all shot, you ain't gon' be on your metro 
In a bad area that car drops 


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