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Исполнитель: Neoclubber
Название песни: Dreams Come True
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Neoclubber - Dreams Come True текст песни, lyrics

Walking down my shining dreams
Drinking sunshine never-ending
I can touch'em and it seems
All is real and nothing's fading
It'll take forever and a day
To understand what I fancy
When your heart's out of the cave
You will face it!

Many-coloured drops of rain
Paint a picture of a new era
Dreams come true just call your name
You can stay with me forever
We are ready for some fun
You will know that we are crazy
Living out of common run
Always dancing!

All Dreams Come True
When I dream away
I dream we could
Be cute and be insane.
Could dance with Sun
Moving with the Moon
Your dreams come true
My dreams come true.

Walking down my shining dreams
Feel like drinking "pick-me-up"
Every time no guaranty
That I could wake up.
We are ready for some noise
Now you know we are crazy
Follow me,you have no choice
Now it's my fancy!

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