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Исполнитель: Neoclubber
Название песни: Take Me All
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Neoclubber - Take Me All текст песни, lyrics

I feel you're staring me where I stay
You've got your way to me
You won't make a stop-over
Your smile's brighter then fire
It is fun to feel your're mine
My lover.

The sun-baked streets
This song is quite a big hit
We are together.
Sittin' in a lonely site
In the middle of your light
We'll be forever!

Take me high
Take me down
Take me out

Take my heart
Take my soul
Take me all!

Take me high
Take me down
Take me out

See my soul
Sing a song
Take me all!

I'm staring at your face
You're not far from my place
I see you hover!
You look around you searchin' for me
We come across blowin' the street
Oh, my lover!

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