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Исполнитель: Big Time Rush
Название песни: Count On You
Текст песни добавил: cat0211
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Big Time Rush - Count On You (feat. Jordin Sparks) текст песни, lyrics

Jordin Sparks:
Now i'm about to give my heart,
But remember this one thing
I've never been in love before
So you gotta go easy on me,
I heard that love is dangerous
And once you fall you never get enough
But the thought of you leaving ain't so easy for me,
Don't hurt me (yeah), desert me, make me sorry I ever counted on you,
1,2,3,4, to the 5, baby i'm counting on you,
1,2,3,4, to the 5, baby im counting on you...

I've could've sworen i've here before, thought I found someone I finally could adore...
But you failed my test, got to know her better and I wasn't the only one...
But i am willing to put my trust in you, Baby you can put your trust in me...
Just let me count to three,
You can count on me and you're never gonna see....
No numbers in my pocket,
And you think im doing this girl,
I'm gonna drop it...
I've got you because you're the one I am giving my heart to,
But i gotta be the only one
All: JS = Jordin Sparks
1,2,3,4, to the 5, (JS: oh yeah!)
Baby I'm counting in you (JS: oh yeah...) 1,2,3,4, to the 5, (JS: Why would I want to do that? Yeah!)
1,2,3,4, to the 5, (JS: Oh no...)
Baby I'm counting on you
1,2,3,4, to the 5
(JS: Ohhhhh....)

Jordin Sparks:
Now I'm about to give my heart, so remember this one thing,
I've never been in love before, yeah, you gotta go easy on me, yeah...

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