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Исполнитель: KISS
Название песни: Two Sides Of The Coin
Текст песни добавил: gven007
974 просмотров с 2011-07-24 21:40:18
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KISS - Two Sides Of The Coin текст песни, lyrics

I've met some ladies and then some girls 
But they don't tell you, they just want a whirl 
It's kind of funny, a little sad 
'Cause they're not happy, they're just kind of glad 
To be with me for just a night 
And maybe even turn out the lights, we'll turn out the lights 

I need time to ease my mind, make up my mind, which one to find 

Two sides of the coin to choose from, two sides of the coin, they are mine 
Two sides of the coin, I'm gettin' weary 
Which one should I choose, I need time 

I'd like to say a word or two, about the women we all seem to know 
They're all around us, they're everywhere 
You meet them this place and then meet them there 
Then you deside to pick a mate 
Because you're tired of all those dates, of all those dates 

I need time to ease my mind, make up my mind, which one to find

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