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Исполнитель: Nirvana
Название песни: I Hate Myself And Want To Die
Текст песни добавил: gven007
1133 просмотров с 2011-07-25 13:34:43
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Nirvana - I Hate Myself And Want To Die текст песни, lyrics

Running nose and runny yolk 
Even if you have a cold still 
You can cough on me again 
I still haven't had my full fill 
In the someday -- What's that sound? 
End it someday -- What's that song? 
Broken heart and broken bones 
Finger pressing down the horse pills 
One more quirky cliched phrase 
You're the one I wanna refill 
(spoken very softly behind the guitar) 
Words are broken lives 
Five pieces of board, turned around 
attached to the skull by common wood screws 
A child would like to do it

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