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Исполнитель: Lady Gaga
Название песни: Monsta
Текст песни добавил: D_X
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Lady Gaga - Monsta текст песни, lyrics

I don't know what to do
First I'm all in love and then I'm terrified of you
You're the dr.jackall and mr.hide, it's true!
You used to be the prince charming
Now you are the boggie man and I don't understand

You've got jumping and screaming like in scary movie
Like the thriller in the night so what are you doing to me
And when I walk away you tiptoe a little closer
Just like a roller coaster you keep going up and down
Creapy ghosts and carcass working in the night
That’s what you reminde me of
I love you but you're frigtening, when you turn into the monster you are

You're a monsta, I can’t belive I fallen in love with a monsta
I'm scared of you and it's only because you're a monsta
I dont know how to run and escape from yooooou, yoooou.
Every time you catch me, you chew me up and spit me out
T-t-t-this is comming soon
It's starting to grown pain and feels how let the moon
Got to get away from my heart before its consume
Now you are the boggie man and I don't understand

Pre-Chorus + Chorus:

I've been running from lair you got me behind of me, babyyyyy
and just when it think I got away you jump out and catch me babyyyyyy


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