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Исполнитель: Jay-Z And Kanye West
Название песни: Welcome To The Jungle
Альбом: Watch The Chrome (2011)
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Jay-Z And Kanye West - Welcome To The Jungle текст песни, lyrics

[Swizz Beatz]
Welcome to the jungle, welcome to the jungle well
Welcome to the jungle, welcome to the jungle well

[Kanye West]
I asked her where she wanna be when she 25
She turned around and looked at me and said “alive”

[Swizz Beatz]
Welcome to the jungle, welcome to the jungle well

Black Axl Rose
Move halfs and wholes
Come down to the jungle
Just ask for Hov
Move blocks and squares
Move apples and pears
Work pots and pans
Just to cop me some Airs
My uncle died
My Daddy did too
Paralyzed by the pain
I can barely move
My nephew gone
My heart is torn
Sometimes I look to the sky
Ask why I was born
My faith in God
Every day is hard
Every night is worse
That’s why I pray so hard

[Kanye West]
Why I pray so hard
This is crazy God
Just when I thought I had everything
I lost it all
So que sera
Get a case of Syrah
Let it chase the pain
Before it goes too far
My dreams is big
Reality set in
Let off a clip from a automatic weapon
Through shots in the door
It died in Vegas
Though it fought so hard
I knew it wouldn’t make it
I’m a tortured soul
I live in disguise
Rest in peace to the leader of the Jackson 5
I died in my sleep
I’m still Big Pimpin
I ball at the mall
Beginning of the ending
Where the fuck is the sun?
It’s been a while
Momma, look at ya son
What happened to my smile?
My tears is tatted
My rag in my pocket
I’m just looking for love
I know somebody got it
Champagne for the pain
Weed for the low
God damn I’m so high
Where the fuck did I go?
I’m losing myself
I’m stuck in the moment
I look in the mirror
My only opponent
Where the fuck is the press?
Where the fuck is the Pres?
Either they know or don’t care
I’m fucking depressed
No crying in public
Just lying to judges
Risking my life
I’m already dying, so fuck it well
[Swizz Beatz]
Welcome to the jungle, welcome to the jungle well

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