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Исполнитель: Jay-Z And Kanye West
Название песни: Illest Motherfucker Alive
Альбом: Watch The Chrome (2011)
Текст песни добавил: World_Radio
1752 просмотров с 2011-08-31 13:10:21
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Jay-Z And Kanye West - Illest Motherfucker Alive текст песни, lyrics

[Hook: Kanye]
I need a slow motion video right now
Cause I'm moving in slow motion, slow motion
Feeling like Hype Williams shooting a nigga
Shooting a nigga, hey, hey, hey
I need a slow motion video right now, ay, ay

[Verse 1: Kanye]
Damn baby pussy can't be your only hustle
Unless you bad as Naomi Russell
I mean a lot of niggas got money
So basically, Russell ain't the only Russell
Russell Brand, Russell Crow
Zero Zero Zero Zero, a whole lot of 0's
What you after, actor money?
You in line behind currency, yeah you after money
Bullet proof condom when I'm in these hoes
Got staples on my dick (why) fuckin' centerfolds
And I swear to God they so cold
Got a nigga in Miami wearing winter clothes
I got my fur on feelin' like Jerome
She got her fur too, we got our his and her on
Don't look at the jewelry, or get your blurr on
Too close, you comatose so dope you overdose
Get back, you overclose
Oh no, the hood was strugglin'
But then I blessed them with that Polo
Niggas was making music and then my first solo...
Collo Drolo sponsered by Manalo
She got Zeppi Notos ready for some photos
Yeah and I'm cold bitch, please try to keep the door closed
Lanvin thousand dollar tree with no logos
Let me show you what I see when my eyes closed

[Hook: Kanye & Jay-Z]
Take it how you want til a nigga dead
Til then I'm the illest motherfucker alive
Whole world aiming at a nigga head
Because I'm the illest motherfucker alive

[Verse 2: Jay-Z]
King Hov, I'm exactly what the fuck you think
11 in a row, Bill Russell rings
Michael Jordan swag, yall think Michael Jordan bad
Nigga I got 5 more rings than Michael Jordan had
Elvis has left the building now I'm on the Beatles ass
Niggas hear Watch The Throne, yeah it's like the Beatles back
Bey Bey my Yoko Ono, Rih Rih complete my family
Imagine how that's goin look front row at the Grammys
Fuck your awards like Eddie Murphy's couch
The Roc is in the building we should have stayed in the house
I don't even know what we doing here
Seems to me a complete waste of gear
Just a fuckin' waste of time, a complete waste of bottles
Niggas fashion is weak, they be wastin' all the models
Got the oversized Rolley let me show the how to do it
When I say it then you see, it ain't only in the music
Basquiats, Warhols the end of that way of thinking, nigga never again
Know when to leave when the heat is coming I learned that
This is where DiNero would be if he ain't turn back
Fuck Sosa, this Hova this is real life
This is what the ending of Scarface Should feel like

[Hook: Kanye]
I need a slow motion video right now
Cause I'm moving in slow motion, slow motion
Feelin' like Hype Williams shooting a nigga, shooting a nigga, hey, hey, hey
I need a slow motion video right now, ay, ay

[Outro: Kid Cudi]
I'm moving in slow motion, slow motion (x5)

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