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Исполнитель: One Less Reason
Название песни: Life In A Way
Текст песни добавил: Elano
990 просмотров с 2011-09-02 11:01:50
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One Less Reason - Life In A Way текст песни, lyrics

And tell me about the one who broke your heart
Tell me about when the day was through
Did you feel like you?

All the things that you wished you had said
Lingered around inside your head
Until you were dead

No it’s just been so long
Since I gave my heart away
But I was going to today

I was gonna pick up the pieces and throw them away
Say goodbye to all my mistakes
Living the life that got in the way
Of all the plans for me that you make
Oh, you’ve made
Plans you’ve made

Waited around even from before
Wanted it all and I gave you more
Than I could afford

I chose to believe you even from the start
I could handle your lies,
You know they weren’t that hard
The truth tore me apart

You said it’s just been so long
Since you thought of me that way
You wanna start again today

You wanna pick up the pieces and put them in place
They resemble something they’ve made
Wanna make sure the lies take off all your disguises
Livin’ our life in a way

I don’t think
I don’t think
About you

I don’t think
I won’t think
About you

You know it’s just been so long
Since I let you treat me that way
I’m not gonna let you start today

I’m gonna pick up the pieces and throw them away
Say goodbye to all my mistakes
You know more then me about my self esteem
Start livin’ my life in a way
That I won’t think
No I wont think
About you

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