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Исполнитель: Laura Fygi
Название песни: Oh Telephone
Текст песни добавил: IrinaW
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Laura Fygi - Oh Telephone текст песни, lyrics

Buzz buzz
Line is busy everytime that I phone
It's the longest talk that I've ever know
Buzz buzz
I've been trying hard to reach him all day
When I get him I forget what to say
Should I called the operator
Is the number that he gave me my own
Buzz buzz 
I've been sitting here and dialing all day
Got to get him and he must be away
Buzz buzz 
If you heard the way you begged me to call
You could never understand it at all

When I met him, He was quiet
But now he learned to talk 
Buzz buzz
Think I'm going to give up
Can't stand it anymore
Buzz buzz
I've decided that it's wrong,let this throught
Can it be true ?
That it is ringing!
I can't believe it!
But did I say Hello!

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