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Исполнитель: Bloodhound Gang
Название песни: Mama Say
Альбом: Use Your Fingers (1995)
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
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Bloodhound Gang - Mama Say текст песни, lyrics

It Goes One Two Three When I'm Kicking Funky Lyrics
I'm Busting Up Vocabulary I Want You All To Hear It
I'm Busting Up The Rhythm And I'm Busting Up The Rhyme
Kicking Down The Stop Posts Cause I Wanna Kicks The Time
I'm Digging Down Some Knowledge Cause You Know I Never Hide It
I'm Pulling Down Your Panties Cause I Want To Get Inside 'Em
Like A Boa A Boa A Boa Constrictor
Gonna Drop Off Your Drawers Shoot Straight For Your Sphincter
I Could Roll My Rhymes But I Would Be Faking 
Jimmy Jimmy Pop Is Not Jamaican
J I Double M Y Pop Go 
I Run The Show Like Don Pardo 
With A Bugaloo Bee On The Beboo Tip
My Hit Will Make You Trip Cause I'm Quadradipped
I'll Do The Popeye Pluto I'll Freak The Funkfazooto
Not Latino What I Mean Though Fuzzy Dice Like Menudo
Rubber Baby Buggy's Bumpers
Punky's Brewsters Now I Hump Her
With My Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Shrunken Small White Peenie
So Rinse Spit Swallow Brain Blank Kinda Hollow
Not To Deep Leap Wow Oh Kinda Shallow
Cause We're In Your Face Like Ed Gein
Purple Rain Purple Rain
Mama Say Mama Sa Mama Cu Sa 
Mama Say Mama Sa Mama Cu Sa
Naughty By Nature And White By Choice
And The Sound Of My Voice Makes Your Panties Moist
Cause I'm Finger Lickin

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