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Исполнитель: T.I.
Название песни: Get It
Альбом: King
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
1809 просмотров с 2008-09-08 14:29:25
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T.I. - Get It текст песни, lyrics

[Swizz Beats] 
The kings back 

[T.I. chorus] 
I got that get it get it 
I got that get it what you need 
From soft parts to trees got that get it what you need 
I got that get it 
I got that get it what you need 
From dope boyz and bitches who love dat rd 

[Chorus 2] 
Come and get it hey cuz I got it bitch 
Tell and get you know I got It bitch 

[Verse 1] 
I got my broads if u want em 
On the C.O.D please 5 g’s 
I don’t promise but I got good numbers 
Tote 2 thunder, sat that lumber 
Got that guacamole holy moly you don’t know me 
See me clean as I wanna be, what these niggas wanna be 
Shots so bright I can’t see niggas standing right in front of me 
These niggas don’t want none of me, this rapping shit is fun to me 
What I look like beefing wit you nigga yousa son to me 
Move weight out to Georgia get it cross the water 
Rive that shit to New York coming all the way from Florida 
Dope boy trap nigga that’s what they call em 
Summer time balla when I buy the mall up 

[Chorus 1 + 2] 

[Verse 2] 
Mighta seen me getting gas at the Citgo and he sit the six low 
Riding right beside a 45 and what its hitting fo 
Shawty aint bullshitin folk he’ll be out be here hitting folks 
Stick around and try to tell polices what he did it fo 
Aint nuttin he aint did before other niggas getting so 
Blurred wit the pussy and bet some even getting so 
Long he aint funny he got that long money 
Naw money you niggas barely got hit the mall money 
I’m the perfect example of how to hit the ground running 
From the trap to busting up how the underground stunting 
So you still see me down at the underground stunting 
Ima Westside Bankhead nigga it aint nothing 

[Chorus 1 + 2] 

[Verse 3] 
I was raised off Easy, ‘Cube, Ice T, 8Ball, MJG, ‘Face, Pimp C 
Ima king just believe me, try me when you see me 
And niggas start busting like they start busting pushups push a 
Button shot calling niggas not balling 
Just doing a lotta loud mouthing and not dogging 
I got the shit locked from Atlanta to New Orleans 
Virginia Mississippi Kentucky I run all dat 
You niggas better fall back, boy grab a ball bat 
Take it to ya skull, dats gone be the end of all dat 
Insist on having problems, bet dis revolver will solve dat 
Hit em in the temple then I leave em where they fall at 

[Chorus 1 + 2]

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