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Исполнитель: Nicole Scherzinger
Название песни: Break Yo Chest
Текст песни добавил: D_X
910 просмотров с 2011-10-02 14:49:05
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Nicole Scherzinger - Break Yo Chest текст песни, lyrics

Had the baddest, upped your status to a pro
Me on your own made you a superstar
Hand in my hand transformed you to a man like damn,
Everybody knowing who you are
Then you presented symptoms of brain banage
I’m convinced that you bumped your head
Letting my heart slip right out of your hand
Right out of your hand!

And now i'm frozen
Some glass should remain broken
You wanted out,
You chose this messed up and slit your wrists
Cute love, cute us.
But now we're frozen
Some glass should remain broken
You wanted out,
You chose this the mistakes that made you sick
Cute love, cute us.
But I’ll live


You say without me here
Your life is like a nightmare
So dream on!
You swear your heart has lost
It’s rhythm cause I’m gone
You’re telling me it's like
You’re bleeding from the inside
But you made your mess,
Now roll in it and the next time your heart beats
I hope it breaks yo chest!

I was right there, by your side
Just like a lost mean, now you're handicapped
Tried to apologize, but you ran out of your charm
Had the world till you fell right of the map.

I’m so through with you, built up my system
I’m immune, won't be a victim
Smash my life right
I’m outta your hands (I’m outta your hands)


Ooh-oh I hope you can feel it
Hope it breaks you into a 1000 pieces


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