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Исполнитель: Roxette
Название песни: You Turn Me On
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
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Roxette - You Turn Me On текст песни, lyrics

I wake up in a different daylight
Guess I haven't been around
See me follow the shadow haunting your body
Naked like water - shining like honey
Move me - You turn me on - The thrill of it all
You turn me on - The thrill of it all
You turn me on - The thrill of it all

I read in the paper how everything's changed
But it's all the same - it's out of the game
I reach out and touch an endless temptation 
Live in a dream - the strangest sensation
Move me - You turn me on...

The lines I have written are the lines on your face
They merge out of nowhere - and leave with no trace
And I've had the feeling we're turnin' to one
When everything's said - when everything's done
Move me - You turn me on...

You move me - Oh, baby, turn me on

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