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Исполнитель: T.I.
Название песни: Touchdown
Альбом: T.I. vs T.I.P.
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
2930 просмотров с 2008-09-08 14:46:52
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T.I. - Touchdown (feat. Eminem) текст песни, lyrics

[E] When we touch down 

[Chorus: E = Eminem; T = T.I.] 
[T] In the midwest we okay 
E'rybody know them southern boys love that bass 
[E] Atlanta go bananas, Alabama, 'weesiana 
Mississippi, Ten-a-keys, every mufuckin state, when we touch down 
[T] Go right from the plane to the rave 
[E] When we touch down 
[T] On a private plane getting brains, till we 
[E] Touch down, there ain't no way to keep em quiet 
With T.I. and Shady baby, we bout to incite a riot 
When we touch down 

[1st verse: T.I.] 
When we get in town, you know how we getting down 
Pull up clean, then hop on out, snatch all the freaks then walk on out 
I'm living what they talking bout, shining if it dark or not 
That one hundred E-X-double R, you'll find that in the parking lot 
You barking up the wrong tree, I do this shit for zone three 
Four, five and six as well as one, Atlanta I'm forever son 
Still be on whatever coast, round blowing heavy smoke 
Ay Em you better tell them folk what hell it take to let em go 
They know I put that green light on them haters 
Keep on trying me I put that beam right on ya tater (pow) 
Now you don't wanna see T.I.P. outrageous 
Try to keep him in a cage but somehow he keep escaping 
That's why I be on vacation, Virgin Island I be taking 
Private planes out to Spain, I keep on flying I ain't faking 
The money ain't a thang, think I'm lying, you're mistaken 
You can find long lines of all kinds of bitches waiting when we touch down 


[2nd verse: Eminem] 
Welcome to the Midwest, yes 
Where them Detroit playas ball like you have no idea 
The more is here, got the whole place looking like it's candy painted 
Ain't it like we left the kids at home and just let em loose with the crayons 
Fuck, I just hit a jogger, people looking like Frogger 
They hopping out of the way whenever they see Marshall's car coming 
The kids painted my windows with black permanent marker 
And let the rest of the car carpet color like swirl pops 
And I got the bass thumping but I'm bound to bump into something 
Kids are flying through the air looking like they krumping 
The way they tumbling, I gotta do something 
But as soon as I hit the car wash to get the tar off 
They just right back at it tommorrow 
They're like, "Dad this is in, so you're with the trends" 
"This is for the pens, listening to mens, nail polish on the rims" 
And now it's custom chrome, but I gotta go do a show 
So go on with ya bad self, just have it back to normal when I touch down 


[3rd verse: T.I.] 
From my arrival, un-til my departure 
Gurantee I put this d-i-c-k in somebody's daughter 
Ay, I still have my way with the ladies way cross the water 
Flew to Paris from Haiti, did some shit that I thought of 
It's erotic that the shit that we popping makes us psychotic 
Threat the corpse for America, then why they running from me? 
How could they be so ignorant? Look what hip-hop done brung us 
It's allowed us to run a business, legitimated our moneys 
Got us out of the ghettos and relocated our mommies 
I made it all the way here ain't no way you taking it from me 
So excuse me Oprah honey, I'm sorry, really I promise 
But niggas, bitches and hoes do exist, I'm just being honest 
For that am I being punished? Why is you so astonished? 
Now I ain't got a degree, just intelligence in abundance 
So you ain't gotta like me, I know billions of folks who love me 
You can tell how they yelling and screaming and waiting for me when I touch down 


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