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Исполнитель: Skillet
Название песни: You Thought
Альбом: Skillet (1996)
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
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Skillet - You Thought текст песни, lyrics

You try to answer slow 
You put your head down low 
C­mon take your time 
Try to choose the most believable lie 

You try to walk away 
And tell me everything's okay 
You think you­re are saved by words 
But you're drowning in the absurd 

But to me it's no big surprise 
You thought I never saw your eyes 

Departed with a smile 
Just like walking down the isle 
You shook the preacher's hand 
But your smile can't hide your sin 
Your eyes tell me what you feel 
You eyes tell me what is real 
Nobody's perfect is your prediction 
Your life is proving your conviction! 

To me it's no big surprise 
I saw the emptiness in your eyes

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