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Исполнитель: Alkaline Trio
Название песни: Hating Every Minute
Альбом: BYO Split Series, Vol. V (Alkaline Trio/One Man Army) (2004)
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
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Alkaline Trio - Hating Every Minute текст песни, lyrics

Sit down, please make yourself comfortable...
I might need some time
to dance around what I need to say,
I love you to death, I think I need a break.

I spend my days worried out loud,
I gag in my head, I choke it back down.
It hurts me inside to save your insides,
so close my lips tight, move eyes to the side.

This is the way we disappear.
It's easy if you burnout like a star.
This is the way we disappear.
It's easy like a fifty foot fall.

And I'm waiting, for whatever better time...
to evict these words that have rented out my mind.
And I'm hating every minute that I don't speak out loud,
like a year laying down
like a year laying down
like a year laying down

Relax on this bed of nails, on this plastic sheet, 
your blood leaves a trail right back to me.
A problem you see.
Would you please allow a moment to think?

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