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Исполнитель: Baby Bash
Название песни: What Is It
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
2394 просмотров с 2008-09-10 14:22:38
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Baby Bash - What Is It текст песни, lyrics

[Baby Bash in background] 
[Sean Kingston] Bash 
[Baby Bash] Tell me, what it do 
Tell me, what it do 
[Sean Kingston] Kingston (What is it) 
[Baby Bash] What 
What is it 
[Sean Kingston] Hey 

[Baby Bash] What is it 
[Sean Kingston] Let me see you go mama, go mama 
[Baby Bash] What is it 
[Sean Kingston] Get your girls and pull on her show, mama 
[Baby Bash] What is it 
[Sean Kingston] Get it on the floor and dip it low, mama 
[Baby Bash] What is it, what, what 
What is it, what is it 

[Repeat Chorus] 

[Baby Bash] 
[Verse 1] 
I'm a holler back, then I pop my collar back 
Girl, I see that 
Da-da-da, dunk 
I want all of that, follow that 
Train man, follow that caboosey 
Ain't nathin' in the world 
Like some thick, and some juicy 
She going downtown, cause her favorite DJ's spinnin' 
I'm all up in the door, so I'm already winnin' 
I got a lot of women, but I'm way too choosey 
And then I love my cake, like that Ricky love Lucy 
On some peanut butter leather, with the wood so grainy 
It must be raining dollars, cause she lookin' so gravy 
Sophisticasted lady, pop it to the end, what it do 
What the busi', baby girl, tell me what's happenin', what's happenin' 

[Repeat Chorus Twice] 

[Pre-Verse: Baby Bash] 
She move like she dancing on YouTube 
The kind of chica that you really ain't used to 
Dame lo, dame lo, mami, shoot through 
In my ear, talkin' 'bout, I'm a do you 

[Verse 2] 
Everyone top-notch it 
Everybody watch it 
Ain't no punk, when she pop, lock and drop it 
Straight show stop it 
Watching me perform 
Got the Cyclone ringtone on the phone 
I feel it on my body, baby, girl, I'm in the zone 
Must be the goose mixed with a little 'Tron 
She make it happen, Cap'n, feeling on me 
We in the billin' and we feeling like wee 

[Repeat Chorus Twice] 

[Hook: Sean Kingston] 
What-da-da-da-dang, hey 
What-da-da-da-dang, hey 
What-da-da-da-dang, hey 
Listen to the sound, everybody go (Go) 

[Repeat Hook] 

[Repeat Chorus Twice]

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