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Исполнитель: Sophie Ellis Bextor
Название песни: What Have We Started?
Альбом: Trip the Light Fantastic (2007)
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Sophie Ellis Bextor - What Have We Started? текст песни, lyrics

My eyes don't lie 
They show the truth 
I've fallen for you 
To fight it's no use 
I promised myself 
I'd never give in 
But your love won me around 
My feet left the ground 
And so here I go again 

What have we started? 
Don't break this heart of mine 
Have I been fool enough 
To let you walk away with all of me? 
What have we started? 
I'm so far in this time 
That if you hurt me now 
I may never love again 
Look at me now 
I'm under your spell 
Where does our story end? 
It's for you to tell 
See I'm old enough now 
To understand love 
What it's capable of 
And the pain it can cause 
Oh but here I go again 

I don't want to waste this chance 
You could be well worth the danger 
Better to have loved and lost 
But it's so hard to say now I've given my heart away

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