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Исполнитель: Bryan Adams
Название песни: I Was Only Dreamin'
Альбом: Room Service
Текст песни добавил: Strider
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Bryan Adams - I Was Only Dreamin' текст песни, lyrics

She left her shoes out on the beach 
She left my dreams just out of reach 
She left her footprints in the sand 
She was a bird right in the hand 
I met a girl that made me laugh 
She left a faded photograph 
I thought I heard a siren song 
I sang along but I was... 
I was only dreamin' 
I was only dreamin' 
Visions in my head 
Talkin in my sleep 
Turning in my bed 
Life was so complete 
Her shoes were on the beach 
But I was only dreamin' 
I met a girl that talked in rhyme 
I met a girl who took her time 
I saw the ocean in her eyes 
I saw myself unrecognized 
And all the stars up in the sky 
Fell down like rain and made me cry 
I held the world right in my hands 
I held her close but I was...

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