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Исполнитель: Bryan Adams
Название песни: Jealousy
Альбом: You Want It, You Got It
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Bryan Adams - Jealousy текст песни, lyrics

I can't complain about the way we tried, 
So maybe it's time to say goodbye, 
Not gonna look around 
I'm just gonna look away. 
Don't put the reasons back in my head, 
You say you loved me now you've left me for dead, 
Oh I just can't stand it this way. 
Oh jealousy, coming over me, 
It's that jealousy, breaking my heart. 
Whoa jealousy, taking control of me, 
Now ya just gotta know, 
That I can't let it go, 
And it's time that ya knew, 
I can't stop loving you. 

You say I'm a sentimental fool, 
But all I tried to do is go with you, 
Not gonna look around 
I'm just gonna look away. 
It's been a battle since you broke my heart, 
I tell you now that it's been coming down hard, 
Oh I just can't stand another day.

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