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Исполнитель: Bryan Adams
Название песни: One Good Reason
Альбом: You Want It, You Got It
Текст песни добавил: Strider
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Bryan Adams - One Good Reason текст песни, lyrics

I've got one hand on the door, 
One hand in my pocket, 
The world is on my shoulders, 
And I'm tryin' to get to you. 
I'm gettin' pretty worried, 
Now that ronnie's in the office, 
I shouldn't let it get to me, 
There's nothin' I can do. 

Think that you should know by now, 
You've done the damage now it can't be changed, 
So give me one good reason, 
One good reason to stay. 

Well I knew that you were sleepin' 
And I didn't want to wake you, 
Cause this troubled look I got, 
Might make you change your mind. 

There's no need for compensation, 
There's no reason to foresake me, 
I was looking for the answers, 
But there's nothin' here to find.

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