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Исполнитель: Bryan Adams
Название песни: What Does It Do to Your Heart?
Текст песни добавил: Strider
888 просмотров с 2011-11-13 16:21:50
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Bryan Adams - What Does It Do to Your Heart? текст песни, lyrics

Well, maybe you don't need complications
But this is a simple situation
There's a chance that this could be the one - yeah

Well you may be wrong or you may be right, but
This ain't something you wanna fight
Let your feelings go, cuz you really need to know

What does it do to your heart
When she hangs on every word you say
And she's casting every single smile away
What does it do to your soul
When you know that everything she needs
Is simply bein' around the air you breathe
What does it do to your heart

Oh looking from the outside and i
See there's something deep within
You can't deny your lives are worlds apart

Yeah sometimes life can be confusing
I tell ya this ain't no illusion
Let your feelings go, if ya really wanna know

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