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Исполнитель: Janet Jackson
Название песни: Rollercoaster
Альбом: Discipline
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
1595 просмотров с 2008-09-11 13:24:07
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Janet Jackson - Rollercoaster текст песни, lyrics

Aaah you make me up and down through emotions 
Like a rollercoaster 
Spinnin like a ferris wheel 
Aaah you turn me upside down with my feelin 
And I know the reason 
Baby your love is surreal 
You make me go, you make go, you make me go 
Make me go 
You make me go, you make me go, you make me go 
Like a rollercoaster 

There's a high level of love goin on 
The fellins are just way too strong 
The reason that you got me gone 
Is baby cause you turn me on 
With a bit of it more than a little bit 
I addicted every time get a hit os it 
Cause oh baby you take me so high 
When i'm on your rollercoaster ride 

I'm in and out of luv 
And it's all because 
I can't make up my mind 
I'm so confused 
Don't know what to do 
And it's cause of you 

Boy you give me butterflies 
So deep inside 
Breaks me down when I look in those eyes 
Takes me out way across the sky 
Baby boy I won't lie 
Usually I'm not this shy 
You do it to me every time 
I get on your rollercoaster ride 

Cause you make me go up and down 
And around and around and 
I can't take it 
You make me go up and down 
And around and around 
That's why boy I can't take it

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