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Исполнитель: Disciple
Название песни: I Just Know
Альбом: This Might Sting A Little (1999)
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
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Disciple - I Just Know текст песни, lyrics

What makes you different from one another
Why do you argue about who you follow
There is no man that you belong to
There's only one God that can claim you [1 Corinthians 3:5-7]

I don't care if you don't speak in tongues [1 Corinthians 13:1]
I don't care if you're into submersion [Matthew 3:16]
What does it matter if wear a liturgical robe or prophesy
And say God said so [1 John 4:1]

I just know Jesus is the way
I just know Jesus is the truth
I just know Jesus is the life
I know that Jesus is my God [John 14:6]

Do you serve your name or do you serve mankind
Would you feel the same if they took down your sign
Could you sit next to me if I was Baptist or Presbyterian
Or do I need to be a charismatic or Episcopalian [Acts 2:17]

I don't care if you drink grape juice or if it's wine [Matthew 26:27- 29]
And I don't care if you get out of church on time
What does it matter if you praise God with music in your church [Psalm 150]
Or you burn your dead or bury them six feet in the dirt

I don't care if you clap your hands [Psalm 47:1]
I don't care if you get out in the aisle and dance [Psalm 149:3]
What's it matter if someone lets out a hallelujah shout [Psalm 100:1]
Have we forgotten what praising Yahweh is all about

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