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Исполнитель: Janet Jackson
Название песни: Greatest X
Альбом: Discipline
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
1391 просмотров с 2008-09-11 13:26:04
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Janet Jackson - Greatest X текст песни, lyrics

My momma told me that this could happen to me 
That he would grow to be this sexy man 
But I just couldn't see 
Cause I had my blinders on 
I was in my zone 
And I had the trought of us in my head 
Somehow I turned us all off 
And then I met him, and he wasn't you 
Then I dropped my head thinkin what should I do 
Oh I 

I loved you, and 
You love me 
And I just couldn't see tomorrow, baby 
And I cared for you 
And I didn't see us trought 
Now I know in my heart you will always be 
The greatest x ever 

Now I can't do a simple thing like fall asleep 
Cause I can't close my eyes 
Without a day with you in my dreams, dreams 
Sometimes I call you phone just to hear you tone 
And I never say nothin 
Wait just a couple of seconds to hear you breathe 
And then I'm gone 
But he's not like you 
Can't hel but to hold my head 
Thinkin what did I do 
Oh I 

And I know that it's all my fault 
And it would be a lie if I said you didn't cross my mind at all 
How do I erase from my days that's shaded and blue 
All my luv's with you

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