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Исполнитель: Disciple
Название песни: Game On
Альбом: Scars Remain (2006)
Текст песни добавил: MaxTyT
920 просмотров с 2011-11-24 14:29:41
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Disciple - Game On текст песни, lyrics

When the lights go up and the game is on 
Are you ready for me? 'Cause I'm ready for you 
When the bell rings out and the fight is on 
Are you ready for me? 'Cause I'm ready for you 

It's time for us to start throwing down 
Take a look and see who's standing now 

Didn't even know that you and I were cross 
Until a sneak attack from the weak side 
Unaware that we were in a fight 
I guess that's part of the problem, but guess what 

Say what you want to say about me 
Throw up what you want to throw up at me 
But when you mess with those that are around me 
That's when you and I will have a problem 

I'm not afraid of loving my enemies 
Turning the other cheek 
Blessing those that would curse me 
I honestly want peace with you 
But when you come against my country 
When you come against my family 
You try to destroy my people 
I can't just stand by 
There's no way that I can stand by 
This time, I will not stand by 
I am coming, and if I come, then pain is coming with me 
I'm coming, and pain will be with me

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