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Исполнитель: Janet Jackson
Название песни: What's Ur Name
Альбом: Discipline
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
1532 просмотров с 2008-09-11 13:26:51
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Janet Jackson - What's Ur Name текст песни, lyrics

Hold up 
Slow it down 
I can see you new in town 
Cuz I'd never 
Forget you face 
That smile you wear 
Is amazin 
Just wanna know 
Where you headed 
I could roll 
Wit you baby 
Make some room 
In your life 
I don't wanna take up time 
So baby what's your name 

What's your name babe 
Do you live around here 
Cuz I ain't never seen you before 
But I wanna see you some more 
What's you name babe 
Put it right in my Sidekick 
And I'll hit you back 
Soon as I get home 

I'll put you in 
My favorites 
The swag you got 
Left a print 
In my mind 
As time goes by 
All I can think of is you 
Why you gotta be so fly 
Wish I could see you again 
Got me walkin round 
Lookin for you 
I'm trippin 
Damn what you do to me 
Can't believe how you got me and 
I don't even know your name 

Your not some random guy 
I can't let this moment pass me by 
I gotta do what I gotta do 
Take advantage 
Make the first move 
Cuz I don't wanna have to regret it 
I just wanna know your name

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