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Исполнитель: Marilyn Manson
Название песни: Abuse, Part 2
Альбом: Smells Like Children (1995)
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Marilyn Manson - Abuse, Part 2 (Confessions) текст песни, lyrics

[Boy:] I was baby-sitting my little cousin, and his father has these, this little stash of these little women magazines and everything. And I made him his like really down and little child. 
[Man:] How old was he? 
[Boy:] 6/ 7 
[Man:] Uh huh 
[Boy:] Really tiny and small and innocent and he showed me the magazines, where they were, and we were looking at them, and then, I played with his little innocent penis and I made him dance with me. 
[Man:] Did you get a hard on? 
[Boy:] Somewhat, it was kind of impossible. 
[Man:] How did that make you feel? 
[Boy:] At the time... 
[Man:] Did you feel like you were doing something wrong or did you like it? 
[Boy:] Both. I felt very powerful. Actually. 
[Man:] What else did you do with him? 
[Boy:] I orally gratified and whatever. 
[Man:] Did you suck his dick? 
[Boy:] Yes. I just made him do things to me. 
[Man:] What did he do to you? Did you make him touch you or what did you make him do? 
[Boy:] I made him do all of those things. 
[Man:] Hmm? 
[Boy:] I made him do all of those things. 
[Man:] Do you want to be punished now for being bad? 
[Boy:] Umm, hmm. 
[Man:] Go give me your belt

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