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Исполнитель: Marilyn Manson
Название песни: I Want To Disappear
Альбом: Mechanical Animals (1998)
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Marilyn Manson - I Want To Disappear текст песни, lyrics

Look at me now I've got no religion 
Look at me now I'm so vacant 
Look at me now I was a virgin 
Look at me now grew up to be a whore 
And I want it 
I believe it 
I'm a million different things 
And not one you know

Hey and our mommies are lost now 
Hey, daddy's someone else 
Hey, we love the abuse 
Because it makes us feel like we are needed now 
But I know 
I wanna disappear

I wanna die young and sell my soul 
Use up all your drugs and make me come 
Yesterday man, I was a nihilist and now today 
I'm too fucking bored by the time I'm old enough 
I won't know anything at all

Hay, and our mommies are lost now 
[chorus repeat]

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