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Исполнитель: Kelly Rowland
Название песни: The Show
Альбом: Ms. Kelly
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
1815 просмотров с 2008-09-11 13:49:52
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Kelly Rowland - The Show (feat. Tank) текст песни, lyrics

[Verse 1 - Tank] 
It be on my mind like what 
and you be on my mind like fuck 
sure about the wait but not about the day 'cause it's just to much I wanna say ooh 

[Pre Chorus] 
That's just how I be feeling ooh 
sometimes I wanna give in 
and take you to the latest 
it might be the greatest 
Baby you get ready cause 

I'm thinking 'bout getting you tickets 
front row and center so you can see the show 
I'm thinking 'bout getting you backstage passes 
all access granted 'cause I know you wanna know 
how the girl be getting down now you wanna go 
but the show'll be leaving town and 
I'm thinking 'bout getting you tickets 
bet you'll get with it with it 
'cause you must see the show 

[Verse 2 - Kelly] 
I been rehearsing in my mind 
So I'll be ready when it's time 
I'm getting down the show clothes 
So hot when I rock those when ?? 
Look so good you say oh 

[Pre Chorus] 


[Verse 3 - Tank] 
Once the curtain goes up and the lights go down 
I'm a take my seat girl 'cause I'm ready 
Setting the stage on fire come and take me higher 
I been thinking bout it girl if you ready 

Once the curtain goes up and the lights go down 
Take you seat boy if you ready I'm setting the 
stage on fire let me take you higher 
I been thinking 'bout it boy if your ready 


hey yea hey 'cause you must see the [3x] 
Sing it baby 
Hey yea oooh yea

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