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Исполнитель: Lovers And Liars
Название песни: Alone Together
Альбом: Before and After The Awakening
Текст песни добавил: Strider
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Lovers And Liars - Alone Together текст песни, lyrics

Here I am again 
The same place that I was back when 
She was everything to me by the end 
But she gave up and I gave in 

All the nights they end with blood and wine 
All the days are charades that we designed 
To keep the past behind 
Until the future's looking fine 

How did we end up this way? 
Together we're alone 
I shouldn't be this afraid 
To face life on my own 

If we end up alone, let's be alone together 
If you're alone, let's be alone together 
If we're alone, let's be alone together 
What do you say? 

Why am I in this state of mind? 
Before her I swear I was fine 
Guess we all ignore the signs 
Guess I painted over mine

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