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Исполнитель: Kelly Rowland
Название песни: Love
Альбом: Ms. Kelly
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
1659 просмотров с 2008-09-11 13:52:24
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Kelly Rowland - Love текст песни, lyrics

Love, walking takes so long 
When you're alone 
This time don't it & love 
You had a hand to hold, but it just wasn't warm enough 
But now, cause the same shoulder that was so cold 
Now, needs one to lean on 
Same number that was so hard to call 
Is your favorite one 
Same door you hated to walk in 
Now you was what you wish was home 
Same Mama who told you I was no good 
Got to tell you 

Love, it's a cold, cold world out there 
And when it rains it pours, I swear 
And that Big Sea don't look so pretty, no more 
I hate to be the one, love 

Love, for 2 seconds, I actually feel bad for you 
That your time is up 
Love, the worst is that the world ain't been so bad to me 
I've had better love 
Cause the same chicks, that held your attention 
Turned out to be just chickens 
Same ex, who was your back-up plan 
Moved on to a better plan 
Same friends who told you to leave 
Have all tried to get at me 
Same Mama, who told you I was no good 
Forgot to tell you 


[TALKING] And you know, love.... 

The grass ain't greener, I swear on the other side 
I hate to see you, I swear, on the other side 
I hate to leave you. I swear, on the other side 
I knew you had to go to see for yourself 
I knew you would return, once you saw the real deal 
The girls out here are a different breed 
I know how you feel, stay there, in this cold, cold world to live 


I hate to be the one, love 
But love,I thank you for showing me the world 
Don't turn, because of you 
Love feels so good, now that someones out the storm 
I'm so glad, we're cool, & I'm sorry

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