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Исполнитель: Lady Sovereign
Название песни: A Little Bit Of Shhh
Альбом: Public Warning
Текст песни добавил: Darya
1108 просмотров с 2008-09-11 14:01:29
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Lady Sovereign - A Little Bit Of Shhh текст песни, lyrics

Little shhh for the MC please (thank-you) 

Yo I ain't featherweight nor bantom weight, 
Cause the only thing I be is heavyweight, 
Let me demonstrate lyrically decorate, 
Check out the vibe that I create, 
You want me to stop well it's too late, 
Want me to flow? Haha never mate, 
Never hesitate to drop the mic, 
I never hesitate to do what I like, 
Never hesitate to pick up a fight, 
At the things right challenging my vibe, 
Continue? Yes I'm sure, 
Get off my lyric and get a big roar, 
Will leave you sore like a beat up whore, 
All eyes them after a ten pound draw, 
Fighting lyrics was against the law, 
Be lame right now when the girl's so flawed, 
Eating bread and water, 
My living went out to slaughter, 
With an order, 
Have you come to a decision? 
Yes she's going to (oh shit) 
Don't send me there 
The beef for my living just to get you no what, 
Don't really care write what I like, 
So you better prepare, 
Oh yeah be aware 

Yo a little bit of shh for me, 
A little bit of quiet for the MC, 
A little bit of shh for me, 
Make way for the S.O.V., 
A little bit of shh for me 
Now shut your mouth for the MC 
A little bit hush for me 
Right now it's the S.O.V. 

Right, haha 
Don't joke with us small folk 

Yo I've had one nightstand, 
What you think of mic stands, 
Right now how it sounds I got a very hard hands (oww) 
An acoustic band on hand all the time, 
All my fans I'm in trouble uh-oh 
That sound pollution man got down, 
Well I make up noise like pots and pans, 
They should put my voice in an ice cream van, 
That way the streets won't be bland, 
Big-headed no, confident yes, 
I must confess well I'm never gonna rest, 
Well unless I don't want to mess, 
Here comes the press!! 
Another damn reporter, 
Obsessed with my disorder, 
Diagnosis please what's wrong with that girl? 
She's ill 
Nah she's sick 


Oh my God!! Pianos!! Ohh!! 

(haha) BRRRRRRRR!! It's cold there's a new top girl on road, 
Running ting running ting running ting, everything oh you been told, 
I requested shh and well i got it, 
So let me carry on this you sit back and vomit, 
Some say I'm cheeky like Wallace and Gromit, 
You know you can't stop it, 
Some don't like me, 
Like the whole Miss Spears and Madonna story, 
I'm horny, 
Just keep writing surely you could ignore me, 
But then again if you saw me you'll adore me (aww!) 
Cause I'm so cute and scrawny 
Spit on a track and leave it so horny (hmm) 
And who taught me? Nobody 
I did it all by myself, you can't stop me! 


It's ok, it's alright you, you can start making some noise now if you like, you know what i mean right? 
I'm not going to go completely off the rail you know what I mean? Ha thankyou 

Hey! [whistle] alright calm down please 
Alright now a little bit of shh. 

[Chorus x2]

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