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Исполнитель: Lady Sovereign
Название песни: Blah Blah
Альбом: Public Warning
Текст песни добавил: pretty_girl
1533 просмотров с 2008-09-11 14:04:19
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Lady Sovereign - Blah Blah текст песни, lyrics

I see ur first priorities are discussing me in maccy d's at about half three, 
While you'r munching on ur quater-pounder with cheese, 
Chatting about me and my abilities, 
Like S-O-V your Sh*t, S-O-V cant spit, S-O-V just quit, 
Ahh, whatever dont chew with your mouth full b*tch, 
While your discussing me its all plublicity, 
Even if ur cussin me ur still dashing my name around the city, 
Its all good thought, (brapp brapp) plublicity for free, 
White midget, uh huh mic fidget, 
Somebody just dialed my digit, 
S-O-V your no one, haha is it, 
Flattered by the way you use your credit, 
U fed it and u said it that im nobody, 
If im nobody then why are u ringing me? 
You drained your credit thats killing it, 
Well my style u sure u arent felling it. 


Blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah, blah, blah in one ear and it comes straight out the other repeating 
Ur self like u got a stutter with all u mutter like reh reh reh reh rah 

Blah, blah, blah blah, blah, blah, blah, blah all ur words in my brain are turning into clutter 
Repeating ur self like u got a stutter with all u mutter like reh reh reh reh rah repeating ur self like 
U got a stutter with all u mutter like reh reh reh reh rah 

People wanna classify me as an eminem, but hear what im a different kinda specimen, just because i be a 
White caucasian, doesnt mean me and him are the same, because one im not american 2 im not a man 3 im 
Comming through with a different kinda plan, setting the facts straight coz i know that i can purley 
Heavyweight coz i do the whole shebang. categories i dont fit into any, y im on so many styles im on 
Many, writing up more lines than burberry and dealing with beats like a victim of a bully. make u drink 
My suliva off the floor the spit i pat when i walked in the door released my metapho. like cor blimey its 
That white girl S-O-V!! 


I know u dont boast about me over ur sunday roast or mid-morning cheese on toast. 
But when i find out uv been talking i start sqwaking 
S-O-V i never said that, 
S-O-V u know u aint wack, 
S-O-V i love ur track, 
What the f*ck do u want b*tch a pat on the back, 
A blahbarian eguals a soon to be beg-friend, 
Coz a beg-friend is an ex-blahbarian, 
And they only start caring. 
When ur prepairing a next big ridden that every deck is blaring. 
"oh f*ck" i got posh people swearing, 
The rich, the poor, the snobs the whores, 
Oh dear blahbarians galore! 


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