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Исполнитель: Lovex
Название песни: Anyone anymore
Текст песни добавил: gven007
840 просмотров с 2011-12-08 14:25:19
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Lovex - Anyone anymore текст песни, lyrics

I'm another king and a robber
I'm a brother trampling on your dreams
Before they stand in the way of mine 

He's a fighter with a hunger for disaster
A decider chained to the fate of the world
But words are left unheard 

Feel the weight on your shoulders
Is there anyone anymore
To slow our fall, yeah
All those people, all that power
Is there anyone anymore
Is there anyone anymore 

She's a lover a true-love mocker
And every dollar she earned at the cost of those
Who believed enough to let it show 

In your mirror you will see a winner
A celebrated sinner standing in line with the vain
Those self-appointed modern day saints 


It's not about conformity
It's abuse of individuality
It's insanity, it's reality
It's the promised land of hypocrisy 


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